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Pyruvic Acid Enzyme Reactivators In Sydney

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About Enzyme Reactivation Treatments

Enzyme Reactivation treatments designed to rejuvenate and strengthen extremely sensitive, sun-damaged skin.

Pyruvic Acid gently resurfaces and reactivates vital youth enzymes by re-acidifying the skin’s pH to a youthful, acidic level. Enzyme Reactivation also forti es skin barrier function and reinforces skin integrity by helping to reduce sensitivity and reactivity.

Pyruvic Acid creates a source of cellular energy, revitalising and re- rming lack lustre skin while Amino Acids help to fortify barrier function, encouraging deep moisturisation from within to restore a healthier, youthful and deeply luminous skin tone. Available in five professional strengths: 2%, 6%, 12%, 24% & 60 %.


  • Rejuvenates the skin,targeting the signs of ageing
  • Brightens pigmentation and treats sun damaged skin
  • Strengthens the skin’s barrier function to aleviate sensitivity
  • Calms redness and in ammation within the skin
  • Treats acne and congestion, particularly sensitised, aggravatedskin & instantly restores luminosity for dull, sallow or lack lustre skin
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Pyruvic Acid

  • Recalibrates skin pH to a youthful, acidic level
  • Stimulates collagen production and rehydrates the skin
  • Targets new lines and the effects of solar damage
  • Gradually brightens hyper pigmentation
  • Strengthens barrier function and boosts skin resilience
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces erythema and oedema
  • Resurfaces rough skin texture by encouraging heathy cellular desquamation
  • Improves micro-circulation to reduce the appearance of sallow skin
  • Rehydrates the stratum corneum and restores luminosity to lack lustreskin
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Amino Acids

  • Provide nutrients to skin cells, help to proliferate broblasts and retain skin hydration levels.
  • Balance the removal of dead skin cells, excess dirt, debris and sebum with a replenishment of light weight hydration to the stratum corneumSkin Minerals (Magnesium, Calcium, Copper + Zinc)• Boost overall skin health and resilience, strengthen the skin’s barrier function • Prevent TEWL and rehydrate the stratum corneum.

Pyruvic Acid: An Alpha-Keto Hydroxy Acid

RATIONALE Pyruvic Acid Enzyme Reactivators are a collection of mild Enzyme Reactivation treatments designed for actinically damaged skin. Pyruvic Acid is a metabolite of glycolysis, found naturally in the skin, and can be derived from glucose.

While Pyruvic Acid (also known as Pyruvate) is often mistaken for an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, it is actually considered an Alpha-Keto Acid with a pH of 2.65 and part of the Krebs cycle involving the stimulation of collagen production, elastin, and dermal glycoproteins to a greater extent than most AHAs, reducing corneocytes, and providing both anti-ageing and antiseptic properties to the skin.

As an Alpha-Keto Hydroxy Acid, Pyruvic Acid converts to Lactic Acid in-vivo, over time; allowing it to uniformly and slowly penetrate the skin with only a very mild tingling sensation, which is why it is the prescription for skin new to Enzyme Reactivation treatments in-clinic. It promotes activation of enzymes that very gently breakdown corneodesmosome bonds, improving skin texture without traumatising sensitive, sun damaged skin.

Because it induces both epidermal and dermal effects, Pyruvic Acid has proven its ef cacy for the treatment of many dermatological conditions such as acne, super cial scarring, solar damage, sebaceous skin, actinic keratosis and pigmentation disorders.

RATIONALE Pyruvic Acid Enzyme Reactivators also help to re-establish super cial microcirculation to reduce a sallow appearance to the skin, stimulate collagen to rejuvenate and target ne lines, and resurface rough texture with the encouragement of healthy desquamation. The result is a strong, healthy barrier and more youthful and luminous complexion.


Clients NEW to Enzyme Reactivation

RATIONALE Pyruvic Acid Enzyme Reactivators are the prescription option for clients NEW to Enzyme Reactivation in-clinic, due to its powerful strengthening properties and its ability to treat skin that may be more compromised. The Pyruvic Acid range also provides scope for lower dosage control. If a client is NEW to RATIONALE and not yet prepared on the RATIONALE Catalyst Serum (or any other Hydroxy Acids in their homecare regime), they are still able to safely experience an Enzyme Reactivation with 2% Pyruvic Acid as a starting point.

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Preparing Skin for Events

RATIONALE Pyruvic Acid Enzyme Reactivators are also suitable for application prior to special events, as they achieve an instant luminous skin result.

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